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Since our founding in 1974 as one of the original 13 crisis pregnancy centers in the United States, CPCI has been helping women experiencing crisis pregnancies choose life for their unborn babies. Your support makes it possible for CPCI to provide the free counseling, medical services and caring support that has meant life for more than 15,000 babies.

At Community Pregnancy Clinics, it takes $720 to save a baby from abortion. Hundreds of supporters of Community Pregnancy Clinics have become CPCI Life Savers with their pledge of support to save 1, 5, 10, or more babies.

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With a monthly gift of $60, or a yearly gift of $720, you can help save a baby!

Each Life Saver couple receives two tickets for the 2020 Annual Life Saver Event. If you are unable to attend, you may share your tickets with a friend.

If you are not a Life Saver, or if you would like to save more babies, please use the section below to make your donation to save babies.

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Each Life Saver couple receives (2) tickets to the 2020 Life Saver Event. Anyone who saves 2 Babies or more should contact us to request additional tickets for guests.

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